Common Unity


The time is ripe to live simply, to live how we deserve, in peace with our neighbours and in harmony with nature.

To create a sustainable space where we no longer rely on those corporations who choose to live outside of community.

We have the solutions - to both the physical, the social and something larger. We are non-denominational.

We believe in responsibility, conscious choices and abundant living.

We live in a world that does not meet us. We recognise the need to move away from the reliance on ‘the powers that be’.

To this end we invite philanthropists and sponsors who are willing to invest in the foundational infrastructure we require to prove our model.

There is nothing that has not already been done. We have access to the plants, the technology, the people and the land. With some digits we would love to bring these people together to prove our concept.

Expressions of Interest for amounts from $2m > $100m are accepted to help seed this vision.

CommonUnity is a Private not-for-profit NGO Foundation whose philanthropic aims are to create a more sustainable way of life for humans on this planet. This is just one of our intended projects.

The Dream: Sustainable EcoVillage Communities


We love our paradise in the new earth, living sustainably, in love and abundance.

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