Common Unity


How do we begin?

You are ready to choose to live on a conscious community and want to learn from all that is available, that which is constantly changing and being updated.

You know you are a free-man/woman on this, your sovereign land. You resign your strawman and are responsible.

You are ready to find out what you really love to do when you have no rent expenses, no basic food or accommodation costs and no taxes to pay.

Without the need for stress, competition or panic!

We are ready to help you find what you need in the new world - something beyond independence, beyond togetherness, but new empowered souls connecting together and acting as something greater than it’s parts.

While we create our website, we ask that you email us telling us what you love to do and where you would love to do it. In return, we will email some ideas for you to consider as and when we can.

Let us live, together.

After all, it is our Common Unity.

Considering joining a community? Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

The communities mission and purpose, is it in alignment with yours?

Could you make a living there?

Is it in the part of the country that you’re interested in?

Is there internal community finances, one that you like, income sharing, independent income? How would you make a living?

What are the annuals dues and fees? What’s the joining fee? How can you, can you afford it?

When you visit, do most people there generally seem upbeat and glad to be living there? Passionate? Do they seem to like each other and enjoy each others company? Do they seem warm and friendly with each other? Do they seem to care about each other? Do they seem to enjoy their meals together? Do they linger over meals in conversation ‘cause they’re having a good time? Do the children seem well-cared for and happy and confident? Do the children seem to have trusting and friendly relationships with other community, with other community adults besides their parents? Do you see kids of different ages playing together? Does the community have work days and work parties and do people seem to enjoy working together? And does the group as a whole seem proud of their community? Do they seem generous with one another, loaning tools and equipment to each other? Do they laugh openly? Do they seem affectionate? Do they put their arms around each other? Do they tell you the answers to your questions?